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Optimizing Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Health Outcomes

eSIM stands for:


Individual performance,

team effectiveness, and interprofessional collaboration




New processes, pathways, order sets, and spaces to support system and process improvement



New technologies and approaches to healthcare delivery and patient / family care



Mentorship and coaching to empower frontline educators to independently facilitate high quality simulation

eSIM Impact:

"I thought we were prepared for COVID-19 until we ran the system focused simulations.  They helped us realize changes we need to action in order to be prepared for the anticipated surge."


-Edmonton Zone CNE


"Every potential improvement solution is only a theory until tested and proven. eSIM is such a unique environment to test theories and implement what works."

-Rural Alberta Healthcare Worker


Arthur Milton

"It's great to practice working together as a team and walking through events that we will be experiencing with one another."

-eSIM Participant

"I have recognized gaps in my skills and this type of training helped me to practice those skills and improve during the simulation."

-eSIM Participant

Simulation improves staff experience, systems, and management of latent safety threats without any risk to patients, leading to safer care and improved outcomes.

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